14 Best things I ate in Japan
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14 Best things I ate in Japan

Japanese food is more than just sushi, tempura and ramen. They have so much more tummy-filling dishes waiting for you to discover.

Here are 14 of my best food and beverage finds in Tokyo:

What is it:
Warm honey lemon drink perfect for the cold Tokyo weather! This non-carbonated drink comes from a combination of honey (for sweetness) and 1% real lemon juice (for sourness). It’s a delicious alternative to the usual green or black tea.
Where to find it: You’ll find beverage vending machines almost everywhere in Japan – bus or train stations, alleys, malls, offices, subways – literally in every nook and cranny!


What is it: Godiva double chocolate and vanilla ice cream twist
A crispy waffle cone filled with Godiva’s signature ice cream flavors, intense dark chocolate and luxurious vanilla. This soft serve ice cream is a little expensive but definitely worth the rich and creamy indulgence!
Where to find it: Diver City Tokyo Plaza


What is it: Chuo-toro (fatty tuna)
“Toro” is a term that refers to the fatty part of a tuna, found in the belly section of the fish.  Whoever said that only M&M chocolates melts in your mouth hasn’t tasted an authentic Japanese fatty tuna!
Where to find it: Tsukiji Fish Market


What is it: Grilled crab legs
An entire Alaskan king crab costs a LOT so the next best thing to sampling that costly treat is to buy these crab legs. 🙂 See just how much crab meat are stuffed inside those legs? Y-U-M-M-Y!
Where to find it: Tsukiji Outer Market


What is it: Grilled stuffed crab shell
I believe if you can’t buy the entire crab (since its so expensive), then buy it per part! 😀 After you’ve tasted the crab legs, indulge some more and try crab roe (egg) and meat grilled inside the crab shell. I would love to have this with rice to balance out the saltiness of the crab paste.
Where to find it: Tsukiji Outer Market


What is it: Lobster Roll
Luke’s Lobster is a famous food stall in New York which serves lobster rolls. Each roll has around 5 to 6 chunky pieces of maine lobsters (yes, that many!).  It’s a mouthful of fresh and sweet lobster – no dressing or toppings but amazingly appetizing!
Where to find it: Luke’s Lobster, Omotesando (at the back of KiddyLand)


What is it: Tamago
This rolled omelette is my favorite Japanese snack! It’s fluffy, rich and bursting with the right amount of sweetness. Go ahead and fill your hungry tummy with this addictive treat!
Where to find it: Tsukiji Outer Market


What is it: Grilled giant scallop
Filled with other types of seafood like uni, sea urchin and cod, this giant scallop is one of the most popular (and best) street food you can find in Tokyo! It is grilled over charcoal and torched before serving it to customers. Imagine the burst of flavors in your mouth as you bite into this seafood goodness!
Where to find it: Tsukiji Outer Market


What is it: Takoyaki
Takoyaki is a well-loved Japanese snack. This classic version contains chunks of octopus (tako), wheat flour and ginger. It’s drizzled with mayonnaise, a sweet sauce and topped with dry aonori seaweed sheet and bonito flakes. The balls were crispy outside and creamy inside. Be careful on your first bite as the balls are really hot!
Where to find it: Gindaco, Harajuku


What is it: Tsukiji’s Sake (salmon sashimi)
Fresh, soft, silky – a Japan trip will not be complete without indulging in mouthwatering sake!
Where to find it: Tsukiji Fish Market


What is it: Gyudon (beef bowl)
Gyudon is a Japanese dish which consists of thinly sliced beef placed on top of hot, steaming rice. This rice bowl also has egg, onions and vegetables and is best served with a special sauce and a dash of chili powder.
Where to find it: Yoshinoya, Matsuki


What is it: Tori Paitan
Tori paitan is a chicken-based ramen. The broth is so creamy and flavorful – packed with spring onions, mushrooms, chicken slices, salmon roe and lotus roots.
Where to find it: Ginza Kagari, Tokyo
The place is quite difficult to find that even Google map gave up on me! But no need to worry because even if this restaurant is situated at an unmarked alley, you just need to look for a long line of people outside and you’re sure to find this hidden gem.


What are they: Starbucks Sakura themed food & beverages
For a limited time, Starbucks releases their annual sakura (cherry blossom) themed food, beverages and merchandise. I didn’t want to pass up on this rare chance so I ordered all the available sakura themed food and drinks. 🙂

Sakura Blossom Cream Frappucino with crispy swirl & Cream Latte
Both drinks feature a milk sauce with cherry blossom and leaves. Toppings include shaved pink chocolate and crunchy pink balls made from mochi rice. I enjoyed both drinks since they are not overly sweet.

Sakura chiffon cake
The sponge cake was light, with a hint of cherry blossom flavor. The lightness of the cream goes very well with the delicate cake.

Where to find it: Starbucks (Promo period: mid February to mid March)


What is it: Australia Naruo Court sirloin steak
This is by far the BEST steak I have tasted!!! It’s juicy, tender and full of goodness that is purely beef heaven! I loved this so much that I had to dine at Ikinari again on our last night in Tokyo.
Where to find it: Ikinari Steak, Ueno


Are you a fan of Japanese cuisine too? What’s your favorite dish?  I’m targeting to explore Osaka soon, any good food recommendations? Feel free to drop me a comment below! 🙂


Special thanks to Oppo’s F1s smartphone for capturing the photos! Follow Oppo Philippines on Facebook and Instagram for more updates on their latest gadgets and promos.

For initial impressions of F1s, read this article from Gadget Pilipinas.

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