A dozen reasons to love Taipei
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A dozen reasons to love Taipei

If you enjoyed Tokyo’s Shibuya, Malaysia’s Petronas Towers or Korea’s Gyeongbokgung Palace, then you’ll definitely love Taipei! With Taiwan’s recent visa policy becoming more lenient to Filipinos paired with local airlines offering more cheap fares to Taipei, this underrated city is fast becoming a go-to destination in Southeast Asia.

Need more convincing on why you should book a trip to Taipei? Read on below!


1. Amazing airport
Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport has an impressive architecture! Look at this intricate design! 🙂


The airport offers a wide range of services from free wifi, charging stations, sleeping areas and kid’s playroom. If you have spare time, visit the themed waiting lounges – Hello Kitty, cycling, paper orchids, e-library to name a few.



2. Towering skyline
Standing at 382 meters from the ground, Taipei 101 was once hailed as the world’s tallest building. On a good day, when it’s not cloudy, you will see a great view of the city at Taipei 101’s observatory deck located on the 89th floor. Did you know that it only takes 37 seconds to reach the 89th floor – how cool is that! 🙂


3. Efficient public transportation system
Taipei’s Mass Rapid Transit System (Metro) is easy to understand and navigate. You can reach almost all tourist attractions by riding the Metro. It’s a great plus that all the signages are in both Mandarin characters and English alphabet.


4. Magnificent memorial
A must-visit for all tourists is the famous Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall which was built as a tribute to Taiwan’s founder.


Be sure to witness the changing of guards which happen every hour. The event can draw in a lot of people so it’s best to arrive early and secure a spot in the center for the best view (and photo opportunity too).



5. Bike-friendly city
To help out in environment conservation, Taipei encourages biking. Bike rentals (and bike lanes) can be found all over the city. I would love to explore Taipei by bike next time – that is once I learn how to ride one! haha 🙂


6. Numerous night markets
Taipei is well-known for its night markets. They are a mix of everything from local delicacies to shoes, clothes and even gadgets. Be sure to drop by the popular Ningxia, Shilin or Raohe night markets.


7. Grand temples
Beautiful temples serve as great reminders to Taipei’s rich culture and history. The most popular one is Lung-Shan Temple. The place can get extremely crowded but make sure to light some incense and offer a thanksgiving prayer for a safe trip.


8. Adorable pets
Taiwanese love their pets! Some shops even allow their staff to bring their pets to work! You can spot charming pets dressed in fashionably cute outfits mostly in the night markets. Don’t forget to shop some stuff for your four-footed friend too!



9. Quirky cafés and restaurants
Taipei boasts quite a list of popular and hole-in-the-wall dining places. For fans of the famous Taiwanese drama, Meteor Garden, you may want to include a visit to P.S Bubu Café. The café is famous for their car-designed tables. Unfortunately, we were not able to go to P.S Bubu because we got lost. 🙁 We just decided to try Hello Kitty Kitchen and Dining instead. This resto didn’t disappoint in terms of living up to its Hello Kitty-themed menu but the food looked nicer than how they tasted.



10. Enticing street food
Bubble tea, stinky tofu, oyster omelet, beef noodle soup, breaded chicken – name it, Taipei street food has it! You will NEVER go hungry in Taipei because there are endless food stalls in the city’s day and night markets. The food is cheap but delightfully delicious!

These sugar-coated fruits are the bomb!!


Frog egg drink – don’t be scared, they are not real frog eggs, just your regular tapioca pearls. 🙂


Large, breaded chicken fillet – sooo yummy!


11. Abundant farm life
Neihu District is known for its strawberry farms. The best time to go fruit-picking is between the months of December to May. The strawberries were tender and sweet – no wonder we went a little overboard with our harvest! 🙂



12. Relaxing hot springs
If you’re looking for a relaxing adventure, head on to Beitou Hot Springs. Public hot springs are common in this area.  We wanted to take a dip but we got too intimidated by the crowd. If you’re up for it, you can give this cultural experience a try.


So are you ready to conquer Taipei? Book that ticket now! 🙂


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