Tokyo beauty haul
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Tokyo beauty haul

It’s no surprise, Japanese beauty products have been raved about by beauty experts worldwide for their excellent quality and value for money. This is the very reason why I thought of doing a Tokyo beauty haul.

Though I’m no beauty expert, I’m a self-confessed beauty junkee! I love trying out both skincare and makeups from different brands. And from a lot of brands I have tested out, I particularly like Japanese products since they best suit Asian skin. In this post, I’ve put together an array of Japanese beauty items from the cult favorite to the intriguing (but cute 🙂 ) ones.

Where to buy the products listed below: Most of the products can be found in drugstores such as Matsumo Kiyoshi or the ever-reliable, all-in-one shop, Don Quijote.

Let’s get to it!

1. Color: carnation pink
2. Lasts about 4 hours
3. Matte finish – gives out a natural flush look!

Price: 626 yen ≈ Php 275
Bought from:  Sugi Pharmacy in Ueno


1. Leaves skin soft and smooth
2. Lightly fragranced
3. Not effective in removing makeup

Price: 270 yen ≈ Php 120
Bought from:  Don Quijote (Don-Ki)


1. Curler has the perfect shape for Asian eyes
2. Firm rubber pads
3. Lashes stay curled all day long (best to apply mascara after curling!)

Price: 1,100 yen ≈ Php 480
Bought from:  Don Quijote (Don-Ki)


1. Best-selling whitening soap in Japan
2. Helps in eliminating fine lines caused by aging
3. Whitens acne marks, melasma, stretchmarks and dark spots

Price: 170 yen (pack of three) ≈ Php 75
Bought from:  Don Quijote (Don-Ki)


1. Translucent mineral foundation
2. Smooth, powder finish
3. Makes pores less visible

Price: 1,080 yen ≈ Php 470
Bought from:  Matsumo Kiyoshi


1. Removes toxins and harmful substances while you are sleeping
(leave this on your feet overnight for best results)
2. Promotes good health and better blood circulation
3. Gentle on skin

Price: 200 yen (per piece) ≈ Php 88
Bought from:  Don Quijote (Don-Ki)
Variants: Titanium (pink), Yomogi (green) ,Chili (red), Lavander (purple), Grapefruit (orange)


1. Contains Vitamin E and collagen
2. Reduces fine lines around the lips
3. Leaves lips moisturized

Price: 96 yen (per piece) ≈ Php 40
Bought from:  Don Quijote (Don-Ki)
Variants: Milk (blue), Honey (yellow), Herb (green), Fruit (orange)



1. Brightens skin right after use
2. Free of alcohol, fragrance and coloring
3. Contains EGF which promotes healthy turnover of skin cells

Price: 400 yen (per pack) ≈ Php 175
Bought from:  Don Quijote (Don-Ki)
Variants: Brightening (white), High Moisture (purple), Moisture (pink), Anti aging and moisturizing (red), Brightening (gold)


1. Brightens skin right after use
2. Contains collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E
3. Leaves skin moisturized

Price: 278 yen (per piece) ≈ Php 120
Bought from:  Don Quijote (Don-Ki)
Variants: edo, dog, cat


1. With SPF 15 UV protection
2. It contains camphor for effective healing against dry, chapped and wind burned lips
3. Keeps lips well hydrated for around 6 hours

Price: 168 yen (pack of two pieces) ≈ Php 73
Bought from:  Matsumo Kiyoshi


1. Facial toner that is alcohol free
2. Replenishes and locks –in moisture for complete hydration
3. Decreases the appearance of fine lines (anti-aging)

Price: 698 yen ≈ Php 305
Bought from:  Don Quijote (Don-Ki)


1. Smudge-free formula
2. Eye shadow has an angled applicator to blend out the color and to easily create a natural contour
3. Eyeliner has a super thin pen perfect for drawing you ideal line

Price: 1,296 yen ≈ Php 565
Bought from:  Sugi Pharmacy in Ueno


1. Full coverage
2. Soft, matte finish
3. Makes pores less visible

Price: 1,400 yen ≈ Php 610
Bought from:  Don Quijote (Don-Ki)


1. Ideal for creating soft, natural looking brows
2. Resistant to sweat and sebum
3. Uses natural plant ingredients

Price: 320 yen ≈ Php 120
Bought from:  Don Quijote (Don-Ki)
Variants: Dark brown, light brown and gray colors


1. Keeps lashes firmly curled throughout the day
2. Ideal for Asian eyes
3. Curls even short eyelashes

Price: 720 yen ≈ Php 315
Bought from:  Matsumo Kiyoshi


Kosé CoenRich Q10 Whitening Medicated hand & finger cream
1. Penetrates deep into skin to replenish, nourish and whiten skin
2. It prevents peeling and dehydrating
3. Consistency: thick cream

Kosé CoenRich Night Renew Q10 Capsule in Moist Repair hand cream
1. Night treatment cream
2. Has a fruity, floral scent
3. Cures cracked cuticles and extremely dry hands

Price: 448 yen (pack of two) ≈ Php 196
Bought from:  Don Quijote (Don-Ki)


1. Improves skin’s texture, reduces pigmentation and refines pore
2. Reduces skin dullness
3. Instantly brightens skin tone

Price: 685 yen (sample size)≈ Php 300
Bought from:  Matsumo Kiyoshi


So far I’ve tested a couple of products from the stash and my personal favorites are Shu Uemura’s eyelash curler, Cow Beauty soap, LuLuLun face masks, Pure Smile Choosy lip masks and Kose’s Medicated Sekkisei lotion. I would definitely repurchase these and try out other Japanese beauty items on my next Japan trip!

Do you have other beauty recommendations? Would love to find out what other beauty products are hot in Japan! Let me know in the comments section below! 🙂


Special thanks to Cherry Mobile’s Flare S5 Plus smartphone for capturing the photos! Follow Cherry Mobile on Facebook and Instagram for more updates on their latest gadgets and promos.

For initial impressions of FlareS5 Plus, read this article from Gadget Pilipinas.

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